Unique Mixer Advantages

When it comes to pressure and durability, we outperform glass and plastic mixers
We can design parts to your process specifications, including multiple inlets, phases, and temperatures
Our systems will accommodate smooth transitions from research to pilot and commercial operations
Fast Mixing
We stage very thin fluid laminae to take advantage of high aspect ratios and maximize interfacial mixing
Rapid Development Cycle
Get your custom parts in weeks—not months—and start conducting experiments sooner

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Mixers to match your process

Microflow CVO

is dedicated to providing high performance micromixers and microfluidic components that improve reaction control, reduce waste, and lower capital costs. Our growing suite of standard micromixer designs will meet the needs of many research and industrial customers. In addition, we build customized products to meet your unique needs, i.e., mixers to match your process.

Product Spotlight: M11-20


The M11-20 micromixer provides excellent mixing at outlet flow rates as low as 5 ml/min and over 40 mL/min at a modest pressure drop.

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