The M11-20 micromixer provides excellent mixing at outlet flow rates as low as 5 ml/min and over 40 ml/min at a modest pressure drop.

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Performance Data

Absorbance data is from the Villermaux-Dushman iodide/iodate competitive reaction and correlates to the efficiency of the mixing. Lower values indicate better mixing. Values below 0.1 indicate excellent mixing.

Flow configuration Two inlets of equal flow, one outlet
Throughput 20ml/min at 5 psi driving pressure (1 cP fluid)
Outside dimensions (not including tubing) 9mm (w) x 15mm (l) x 6mm (h)
Internal volume (not including tubing) 9.27µl
Residence time at 5ml/min 1.85 ms
Body material 316L
Tubing 316SS, 1/8” OD, 0.055” ID, 0.035” wall thickness
Thermocouple port Sized for 1/32” OD thermocouple

M11-20 Micromixer

  • Product Code: M11-20
  • $1,500.00