The M11-1.5 micromixer provides excellent mixing at outlet flow rates as low as 0.5 ml/min and over 4.0 ml/min at a modest pressure drop.

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Performance Data

Segregation Index as a measure of mixing quality is derived from the Villermaux-Dushman iodide/iodate competitive reaction and correlates to the efficiency of the mixing. Lower values indicate better mixing.

Flow configuration Two inlets of equal flow, one outlet
Throughput 1.5ml/min at 5 psi driving pressure (1 cP fluid)
Outside dimensions (not including tubing) 9mm (w) x 15mm (l) x 6mm (h)
Internal volume (not including tubing) 3.66µ
Body material 316L
Tubing 316SS, 1/8” OD, 0.055” ID, 0.035” wall thickness
Thermocouple port Sized for 1/32” OD thermocouple

M11-1.5 Micromixer

  • Product Code: M11-1.5
  • $1,500.00